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Located at two sites in Hohenleipisch and Troebitz in the southern part of Brandenburg, Germany, 50 experts strive to partner with you for Agricultural Equipment, Height Access Systems and Technology, Structural Components, and Electromechanics.

TST is the manufacturer of the square bale accumulator and stacker QUADRO PAC - the solution for economical hay and straw collection. In addition, TST supplies components to leading manufacturers of agricultural technology.

We plan, develop and build access ladder and bridge systems for cleaning glass facades and roofs, including the associated rail systems.

TST specializes in innovative solutions for almost all height access challenges.

We manufacture according to customer drawings or develop the optimal solution for our customers' tasks ourselves. We process steel, aluminum or stainless steel for the production of transport racks, ducts, bent parts and for the entire range of customer-specific assemblies. 

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In the field of electromechanics, we manufacture coils, transformers and components for specialized machinery, fire protection, magnet and safety technology, as well as for many other areas of application, according to customer specifications.

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TST is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 20015 and is a certified welding company.

Our system competence also includes the calculation and creation of the statics for our assemblies and systems.

It goes without saying that excellent and reliable service and spare parts stand at the top of our priority list.

We look forward to your challenge of our competence, flexibility, and innovations.

TST Technische Systeme GmbH
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Fon +49 (0)3533-489-513